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Hans Grane can perform on a wide range of events

Are you ready for the party of the year? The next client meeting? The product launch? The kick-off and the wrap-up party? 

I am, and I can guarantee you that if you book me to entertain, it will be a blast.   

I've done hundreds of shows for corporate customers and I can fit in on most occasions, adding something extra to your event.

Master of ceremonies

When choosing a compere to an event there are some things one need to remember. You want to use someone you can trust and the most important part for the compere is not the things you see, but the things you don't. The compere needs to be able to handle all the small things that happens during an event and make sure that all of the guests are left with a great experience without them knowing that the kitchen was 15 minutes late and that the main speaker passed out behind the stage.

Hans Grane has experience with all of these things and he will guide you safely through any night.

There is a challenge in making a trade show booth that stands out. It's should be both exciting, different and attract customers. Hans Grane guarantees that he will increase the engagement and interest around your stand.This let's you and your staff the time to handle what is most important, if that be marketing your brand, your product or generate leads.  

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