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Master of ceremonies

The compere is one of the most important contributors  during an event. A good compere makes sure that everything goes according to plan. If anything unforeseen happens it's crucial that he or she is capable to manage it in a professional and smooth matter.


Hans Grane has hundreds of shows under his belt and has experience managing all situations that may arise. He always comes prepared and as compere he will give your event that little extra. All this so you and your team can relax and enjoy the night!

"You are unbeatable and I love it. Because what you have is what everbody wants!"

- Arne Hurlen, Postgirobygget



"Thank you for a really good program on friday. Everybody enjoyed themselves a lot. I've spoken to the committe and we think it has been really positive experience having you with us. You're proffesional, at time and well prepared. In adition people thought that you were really funny. :)


I will recommend you for similar events.

Thanks you for the contribution!"


- Mathilde Værstad, Bekk Consulting

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