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Any occasion

There is never a bad time for good entertainment. Whether it's a client meeting with seven people or the annual party for hundreds of your employes.  It's always good to have somebody who can lighten the mood and get the party going.


Hans Grane can read the manager's mind, handcuff the company “buffoon” and make the accountant disappear. All this while he makes you laugh. The performance will off course be customised to fit your event, if it be casual after work drinks or a meeting with the investors. Hans Grane always act professional and delivers quality entertainment.  

"Hi Hans Grane, we had a super night and you did a fantastic job. :) We have recieved loads of good respones on you and there is only positive feedback from us. Thanks again for a super night. This will not be the last time you'll hear from us.


Talk to you later :)" 

Pål Westbye

Adecco Norge AS

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