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Exclusive offer for
hotels and resorts

A world-class magic show.

Easy for you, incredible for your guests!


Hans Grane

Hans Grane is an "Unconditional Wow-Factor" who entertains audiences and performs 

magic all around the world.
He has over 1000 shows 
experience, been on tv in multiple countries and works full time to provide quality 

entertainment for corporate events, cruise ships and theatres.


The Holiday Show

A entertaining show packed with magical moments, laughter and audience participation with physical distancing.  Money will appear and disappear, the laws of physics will be defied,  and minds will be read. The show is designed to make the audience laugh, be fooled and amazed. It's the perfect way to kickstart your guests evening.

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Any Venue

The show packs small, but plays big. Do you have seating and a standard sound system?  Well, then you're good to go. Hans will bring his own microphone and control his own music.  

Add your guests, a bar, some lighting and one employee to assist. That's it, you've already got everything we need in house

Email Hans Grane now at
to start the conversation.
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